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 Welcome to the Springfield Area Landlord Association !!!   
Springfield Area Landlord Association

Todd Hembrough with​​​​​​​​​​
Next Member Meeting
Thursday, October 8th​ at 7:00 pm
Roanoke Baptist Church, 2355 N. 2nd Street​

​Our keynote speaker will be Adrian Grove, Director HCV program (formerly known as Section 8). SALA Board will provide updates on various issues.  Members and guest are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines for gatherings.  You may arrive early to talk with fellow landlords and meet service providers.   

Members are encouraged to contact SALA board members with any concerns or questions as well as communications you wish to have passed along to other members.

SALA continues to support and follow ​​guidance from the CDC, city and county officials regarding COVID-19.
Information about rental assistance programs

​​​When new ordinances are introduced that can affect landlords, it is important to make your position known. 
Click Here to: View Ordinances and Vote Along with Springfield City Council

Vacant Properties & Chronic Nuisances
Springfield ​can use existing ordinances that will efficiently and effectively deal with problems as they occur. Learn more HERE.

​Become a SALA Partner HERE
What you should know about Rent Control
In most U.S. communities, supply and demand sets housing costs.

​Housing located within easy reach of amenities such as shopping, entertainment, parks and workplace costs more because people are willing to pay a premium for a prime location. These cities often work with developers to make sure there is affordable housing by using zoning and other local regulations.

​Some cities have experimented with laws which limit the amount a property owner can charge a renter.

​Property owners in cities with rent control find themselves caught in a vise as they are limited as to what they can charge for rent but are faced with a constant increase in property taxes, fees, and other inflationary costs that come with property ownership.

​And renters face challenges because property owners may not have the funds to make improvements and upgrades due to caps on rent. They may find their options for housing limited because some property owners might choose to get out of the rental business altogether.

Learn more about Rent Control and 4 big reasons why it hurts rather than helps on the ​Real Property Alliance website.